• Helping Small Business With Information Security Planning

    There is so much more to information security than anti-virus software. We provide written information security plans, staff training, documentation of training and more at prices any small business can afford.

  • Risk Assessments

    Do you really know what your vulnerabilities are? Do you control access to your email, data, website, etc. or are they administered by an outside vendor?

  • Cost of an Information Breach

    Over 55% of successful hacking attempts impact small businesses. The average cost of remediation for a breach is $200 per record, with higher costs for those involving health information. If you store 10,000 records, a breach can cost you $2 million. Could your company withstand that?

  • You Can Protect Your Company for Less Than the Cost of a Daily Latte

    Our information security planning and training packages start at less than the cost of a small latte per day.

Information Security for a Connected World

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the framework we put in place to ensure the privacy and correct use of information. It may include developing policies to explain information usage, implementing technology and auditing or monitoring access or use of information.

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Risk Management

Risk management determines the threat level of potential or existing risks or vulnerabilities. It is vital for a company to understand the risks and consequences.

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Why Cyber Security?

Technology solutions are not enough. A cyber security program can help protect against issues arising from mobile technology and human error, which can result in reputation issues and revenue loss.

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What's At Stake?

The future of your company! Among small businesses that suffer an information breach and don't have cyber-liability insurance, 70% are out of business within a year.

About CyberKnight LLC

Our mission is to assist and advise small to medium size companies to implement Cyber-Security, Privacy and Compliance Programs, tailored to their environment, requirements, resources and budget. We bring nearly 50 years of combined experience in information security, privacy and compliance to the creation of risk management programs previously available only to major corporations.

CyberKnight Risk Management

CyberKnight LLC offers Risk Assessment and Management, staff training and documentation, reminders of best security practices, business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning and compliance consulting.
Cyber Security services are often out of reach for small businesses who need them, but can't afford them. CyberKnight LLC offers affordable risk management services and packages. Founder and CEO Brian Redler is bringing his 30 years of experience in information security and compliance within the reach of small business.
CyberKnight LLC offers a special package for companies in highly regulated industries, or who have suffered breaches of security in the past. We are familiar with industry standards and will make sure your company is in compliance. We can demystify PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements for you.