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CyberKnight risk managmentRisk Management Helps You Stay Ahead of Cyber Crime

When it comes to information security and cyber security, risk management refers to the method used to determine potential existing risks or vulnerabilities by determining their potential impact on a company and their probability of occurring. It is vital for a company to understand the risks and vulnerabilities to which it is subject.  Companies who don’t take the time to identify and mitigate their risks are more likely to be blind-sided by a security breach and the financial and reputational consequences.

Finding the risks – Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment looks at a company’s information uses and practices and determines the risks that company faces. This assesses both the risks faced by the company and the likelihood of a breach taking place. This is the first step, in which we evaluate and understand risks in order to plan the best method of safeguarding the company and its valuable information from a breach.  Depending upon the  existing conditions in a company and the requirements they need to meet, it may be prudent to begin with a readiness assessment.

Implementation – Risk Management

Once a Risk Assessment is completed, the task of managing those risks begins. This plan will include the information security policies that are applicable to the specific needs, systems and risks for that particular company as well as recommendations for appropriate security technology to ensure the privacy of client, vendor or employee information.

Security Staffing

Some industry regulations require that a specific individual be the named Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to ensure that risks are being addressed on an ongoing basis.  Most small businesses are not in a position to hire a full time security officer.  CyberKnight gives small business owners the opportunity to be in compliance without the expense of a full time staff member by outsourcing those responsibilities to us.  We offer experienced part-time Security Officer services on a retainer basis.