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When Anti Virus Software Just Isn’t Enough

Security technology solutions like anti-virus software are an effective and necessary tool for securing your company’s precious data, but they don’t go far enough.  They can only control or monitor what goes on within your computer systems, but they can’t control external factors, including human error.

Do your technology solutions address any of the following facets of security?

  • your email system and how you use it
  • password policies
  • physical access to information in digital or paper form
  • physical security of your premises as it relates to data
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  • your website
  • mobile devices used with company data
  • removable media devices
  • employee education
  • how to handle phishing and spear phishing attempts
  • what to do if a breach occurs
  • specifics of regulations and compliance

This is only a partial list of the topics addressed on our plans.  Historically, cyber security programs have only been accessible to large corporations with sizable budgets. CyberKnight LLC offers affordable cyber security and risk management plans that are accessible to small businesses, who are often significantly more vulnerable to attacks than larger companies.

Why is Cyber Security important?

Implementing a cyber security program can help protect a company against reputation issues and revenue loss, meet regulatory requirements for information security,  meet customer requirements and enhance data security.

Client confidence is important to the success of a business. By implementing a cyber security and risk management plan, you are minimizing the risks your business faces, ensuring your clients receive the best possible service while protecting their privacy and security. A security breach can be costly to your bottom line and reputation.

Some industries have security standards that must be met. HIPAA standards for anyone who handles personal health information (PHI) can be overwhelming to those who do not specialize in security.  CyberKnight LLC can help you meet and exceed the guidelines for your industry. By identifying and addressing possible holes in security, we ensure a strong defense against an information breach.