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CyberKnight LLC has a Different Approach to Information Security

Most small businesses’ information security begins and ends with the technology solutions built into their networks.  We go the extra mile to make sure that the technology you have is the technology you need, plus our policies address the things that are outside of your network, like mobile devices, removable media and PEOPLE!  Human error is responsible for a good percentage of a company’s vulnerability.  Proper training can reduce that dramatically.

We are not IT providers.  We are technology independent.  That means it doesn’t matter if you’re operating on Windows, Apple, Linux or any other kind of system.  Our approach will work equally well, because we don’t replace your IT staff or providers.  We work with them.  It also means that we are not beholden to Norton, McAfee, Cisco or any other technology company.  While we do recommend cyber liability insurance, we don’t sell it, so you know we’re not just pushing products for financial gain.  Our plans are about what’s best for you and your company.

As regulations and contractual obligations make information security and compliance more and more critical, larger companies are developing stronger programs to protect their information from cyber-crime, leaving smaller businesses as a more vulnerable target.  Traditionally, the cost of developing and implementing an information security plan has been high enough that only mid sized to large companies could afford to have them.  With increasing requirements and penalties, it’s reaching the point where small businesses can’t afford NOT to have one.  CyberKnight LLC was created to help level the field for smaller businesses.

CyberKnight helps small to mid-sized companies to implement Information/Cyber-Security, Privacy and Compliance Programs, tailored to their environment, requirements, resources and budget. We bring over 30 years experience in information security, privacy and compliance to the creation of risk management programs previously available only to major corporations with significant budgets.

CyberKnight’s Founder


brianrBrian Redler, Founder and President, has over 30 years experience in information security, risk management, privacy, compliance disaster recovery and business continuation, having worked for multinational companies in various industries, including utilities, financial services, insurance and fashion.