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A CyberKnight Risk Management Program can be Your First Line of Defense

Our Services include:

Risk Assessments

Do you know what your risks are?  Do you know who has access to  your information?  Are you meeting your regulatory requirements?

CyberKnight performs risk assessments, detailing your Company’s vulnerabilities and risks.  These assessments explain the criticality of each risk along with recommendations to mitigate the risk.  We can also review or assitinthe development of your business processes to ensure they are secure and complaint with any regulations or customer contractual requirements, you are subject to.

HIPAA Risk Assessments

Healthcare Company’s and Practices require annual risk assessments to ensure they are compliant with the HIPAA standard.  In addition Healthcare Company’s and Practices are required to ensure that their Business Associates, vendors with whom they share client information with are HIPAA complaint.

CyberKnight performs HIPAA assessments of Company’s, Practices and Business Associates to assist in ensuring HIPAA compliance.  CyberKnight also can assist in developing a program to ensure ongoing HIPAA compliance.

Third Party Risk Assessments

If you share information with other companies, or out source your IT support, or other operational services, to a third party, you are responsible to ensure the vendor meets all security and privacy requirements that you are subject to.

CyberKnight performs third party or vendor risk assessments, providing you with the visibility you require to ensure your clients information is secure.

Policy Development 

Have you defined and documented your security program?  Defining and documenting your program is essential to ensure your employees, contractors and clients understand your method of securing your company’s information.

CyberKnight can develop your security policies and assist you in maintaining them.

Awareness and Training

Employee errors are one of the main methods used to  breach Company defenses.  Do your employees understand your security policies?  Do they know good security practices?  How can you be sure they know what their security responsibilities are?

CyberKnight can develop an awareness and training program for your Company.  We will train your employees on good security practices, your Company policies and any regulatory security requirements you are subject to.  To verify your employee’s understanding, we will test them after the training and provide you with the test results.

CyberKnight can also provide your Company with regular communications, ensuring your employees maintain awareness of their security responsibilities and the always changing vulnerabilities that exist.

Outsourced CISO

Many industry regulations require that a company have a specific individual responsible for understanding and implementing information security requirements.  Small companies may find it difficult to comply with this requirement due to the cost of a full time security officer.  We can serve as your Chief Information Security Officer on a part-time, retainer basis, allowing you to be compliant while realizing huge savings.

Add on modules are available for each package to address disaster recovery & business continuity, human resources compliance, review of existing vendor contracts and annual follow-up.